What Makes a Great Camping Fridge?

The type of fridge that you choose will depend on various factors. Things like the number of mouths to feed and whether you want to freeze foods should be things that you consider when selecting a product. Before you make a final decision, take a look at our guide on what to look for in a portable refrigerator.

  1. Capacity: Your storage needs will be different whether you are planning a weekend for 2 or for a larger group. We find a 30–40-liter capacity is ideal for smaller families of 2-3 people (If you’re planning a longer trip, plan for a larger capacity). Minifridges under 20-liters are just too tiny to fit anything more than grapes and a couple bottles of water. This is especially important if you will be in the wilderness and away from shops. However, groups of 4-6 people will need a larger fridge for prepared camp meals, meats, and eggs. When planning a larger gathering, 70-90 liters will be your best bet.


2. Power: Most portable refrigerator/freezers run on 12 Volts of energy. Which is perfect for using within a car or              RV  setting. However, some also come with AC adapters to be used in a standard outlet. Additionally, a model                  with a  ‘low battery setting’ will keep your generator, car, or RV battery from draining.

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3. Temperature Monitoring: Ideally, a refrigerator will allow adjustment and monitoring of the internal                                  temperature from an interface. This is especially ideal for cooling medication, proteins, and dairy.

4. Insulation: A good refrigerator unit will be well insulated against cold leakage. However, some models of                          purchasing an insulated cover to further protect your unit. An insulated cover will help cut down on the                              amount of energy your fridge uses to operate.

5. Dual Zone/Compartments: Many portable refrigerators have two compartments to separate a cooler section                    from foods that need to be frozen. Most of these options will use ‘trickle cooling’ which allows cooled air from                  the freezer section to spill over into the refrigerator section. However, there are several models with flexible                      temperature control over both sections.

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Post time: Nov-22-2021