Portable refrigerators for travel (2021)

Sometimes, ordinary coolers will not cut it. If you want to bring plenty of food and drinks to your friends and family, we strongly recommend that you put everything in the portable refrigerator freezer. These heavy-duty appliances do not require ice to keep cold, and can usually be plugged into your vehicle to maintain a consistent temperature.


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If you are looking for a portable refrigerator freezer that has plenty of storage space but is not too big to carry, the K series refrigerator is perfect for you. It is affordable, affordable, and has many user-friendly features that can reduce the stress of going out.
In addition to the equipped with high-quality Anuodan compressors, you can also find 35 and 45 liter models. Even in hot weather, every device can freeze to -7.6°F without ice.
You can choose to refrigerate or freeze food and beverages based on specific temperature settings. However, portable refrigerators lack dual temperature control. If this is a deal breaker, please check KEEKEN HF-01. A detachable internal basket separates the items and prevents them from moving on bumpy roads.
Even in hot weather, the powerful compressor can quickly cool the interior to preserve food and beverages. Fast cooling and energy saving modes provide you with flexibility when you need it.

This portable freezer has a shock-proof design that protects the compressor and allows you to travel off-road. Even on rugged terrain, a standard internal basket keeps food and drinks organized.
The innovative two-way door design allows you to enter quickly and easily when those cravings strike.
This appliance can be used in conjunction with a standard 100-240V socket and 12/24V power supply, which is convenient for home and car use. The multi-level battery monitor prevents the vehicle from overcharging. There are two built-in USB charging ports, so you don’t have to fight for the next person to charge your phone.
You don’t need ice to refrigerate food and beverages because the compressor can keep the temperature between -4 and 68°F. It is very suitable for day trips and is designed for use in cars and RVs. You need to purchase a separate adapter for home use.
There is no WiFi or Bluetooth connection, but a clear display panel shows the current temperature and allows you to adjust it as needed.
The 45-quart portable refrigerator size is suitable for home, RV and automobile use, making it a versatile investment for any occasion. This refrigerator can use 12/24 DC and 110V AC power, and even use two sockets at the same time, in case one power supply fails. When it is necessary to find another power source to keep the refrigerator running, the lower power indicator will sound an alarm.
The refrigerator can be used as a refrigerator. Some of the best car refrigerator freezers on our list also provide dual functions, which means you can use them as a refrigerator and a freezer at the same time. Single zone or dual zone, both types can be used as refrigerator or freezer.

Post time: Sep-23-2021