How the Xbox Series X mini refrigerator turned from a joke to reality

Xbox game marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg (Aaron Greenberg) said: “This is the gift we have been providing us.”

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Event: Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge Company: Microsoft Agency Partner: Assembly Time: December 2019-October 2021

When Microsoft released its Xbox Series X video game console in December 2019, fans quickly made emoticons, which said that the machine was similar to a refrigerator.The company accepted the joke and began offering Xbox Series X refrigerators in October 2021.

StrategyGamers created the meme that compares the Xbox to a refrigerator, because the console has a boxy shape and its disk drive looks like a handle.
Microsoft accepts this comparison because it sees it as an opportunity for “brand fans to participate in the game,” said Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox game marketing.
“When you use Xbox to connect with friends online, it should be a fun experience, so we really try to bring this spirit of fun and joy into life through everything we do,” Greenberg said.
The accompanying graphic shows the upcoming Xbox console and its dimensions, compared to the much larger refrigerator image and its dimensions.

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Seven months later, Microsoft produced the Xbox Series X full-size refrigerator and provided fans with a chance to win the game.
Then in April 2021, Twitter held the first #BestOfTweets Brand Bracket, requiring users to vote for which company they like best on Twitter.When Xbox and Skittles reached the finals, the game brand told fans that if it wins, it will offer the actual Xbox mini-fridge for sale.
“The first one to go offline will be full of games, and of course it will go to our friend @Skittles!” Greenberg wrote on Twitter.
In October 2021, the company began offering kitchen utensils at a price of $99.99.To promote it, the brand posted a video on Twitter and Instagram.
Drinks = cold memes = power will be launched in December this year: |#XboxandChill
“This is not a product we built from a commercial profit point of view,” Greenberg said.”We deliberately designed it to be affordable.”
As a result, the demand for Xbox mini-refrigerators at the time of launch was similar to that of consoles.Gaming and technology websites report that some vendors have sold out products in less than a minute.
Games, technology, and mainstream news organizations (including NPR) have written more than 185 articles about the event; Bloomberg; and CNN.
Greenberg said: “This is a gift that has always been given to us, and it is also one of the most talked about projects by fans and outsiders.” “I can’t tell you how often people ask us about mini refrigerators, just like they Ask us about Halo or Forza or the console.”
In short, Greenberg said that the event is “a great example of how we can truly be fan first in everything we do.”

Post time: Dec-28-2021