X-15 Series - 5 February 2022

X-15 Series

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When traveling in summer, the car refrigerator can greatly improve the quality of self driving travel. Commonly used car refrigerators can be divided into fixed and mobile refrigerators. The former is mainly used for RV, off-road vehicle, etc. most buyers are off-road enthusiasts and have high requirements for the capacity and temperature of the refrigerator. The latter is small in size and easy to move. It can be placed next to the seat or in the trunk as a locker for food, medicine, etc.

With the rise of self driving travel, car refrigerator manufacturers have also launched new products according to the size, configuration and even color of different models to meet the personalized needs of different consumers.

Work hard. Through high-quality products and services to bring users a sense of experience, we can grasp the psychology of different consumers. When consumers choose Campervan refrigerators, they may not be able to start with a wide range of products. In fact, the selection of outdoor vehicles can start from the following points: 1) functionality: choose embossed aluminum liner, which has fast heat dissipation and good heat preservation effect. 2) Safety: meet the vehicle level standard, anti shock and anti shake, and protect the car battery. 3) Practicability: under the same capacity, the volume is relatively small and the weight is relatively light. 4) Comfort: choose one with relatively low noise. 5) Aesthetics: you just like appearance. 6) Energy consumption: select the one with the same function but relatively save power.

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